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Innovation Revolution

We, SENRUN, understand what you wants and needs. Hence, we invested a large amount of money into research and development as well as equipment innovation, investing in model and digital products. Also, SENRUN has been working hard on responding quickly to the changing audio and video market. On the strength of stable quality, complete product line and superior product design, SENRUN leads on the way of innovation and diversity in order to make SENRUN the first choice of professional amplifier. 


ODM Service

ECEN is committed to dekivering quality solutions to our customers through our ODM sevice.We are an expert in the field of global solution integrators with custom designs and manufacturing service.Let us turn your idea into an actual product.



According to the idea or sample you provided, our team will review and discuss its design, material and technical side with you thoroughly.



After the discussion is settle, we will prepare a quotation regarding the model design, 3D model sample. tooling fee, PCB sample fee. We also will estimate the price for unit.


Sample confirmation

Sample preparation will take around 1-2.5 months depends on tooling, supplier and PCB factory. They sometime have longer leadtime. After the sample is done, we will send it to you for the confirmation. 


Production and after sales support

After sample is approved, we will do a pilot run and if everything runs smoothly, it will step into mass production. We believe it is critical to provide fast and reliable after sales service. We will make sure to give out full support throughout the life cycle of your product. 


Q1. Is it possible to use many UHF microphone (transmitters) on one receiver?
No, it will lead to interference. One UHF wireless receiver can only “pick up” the signal from one active UHF microphone simultaneously. Therefore, if you would like to operate many microphone on same frequency at one time, you will need to have that number of receivers to match with and have same frequency as microphone.
However, if using the 2.4G wireless receivers, it can connect to dual microphones.
Q2. What is contrast between Single Diversity (USR-6FD) and True Diversity(UDR-7FD)?
Single diversity receivers, are known as Non-diversity receivers, have only one antenna in receiver while true diversity receivers have equipped with two antennas in it. Hence, true diversity receivers have longer transmission distance, better operating range and more reliable than single diversity one.
Q3. What is Voice (Wireless Mic) priority mode?
Voice priority is that the music volume will automatically turn down when speaker is using wireless microphone to speak. While speaker stop speaking, the volume level of music will automatically be back to original level. This feature is only available in EP-980, EP-900,EP-800,EP-810,EP-868.
Q4. Can I stream music from my tablet, cell phone, notebook or mp3 player to SENRUN Portable PA system?
Yes, you can simply purchase SENRUN Bluetooth module equipped product to stream music by connecting Bluetooth device and you also can do it with audio cable (connect to LINE IN), which can purchase from any electronic shop.


Please contact us if you need further information. We will reply to you shortly.

Patent Certificate

Digital Audio Recorder(China)

Digital recorder device-1(Taiwan)

Digital recorder device-2(Taiwan)

Digital recorder of the base structure system(Taiwan)

Dual-sue IR microphone(Taiwan)

Modified infrared Microphone System(Taiwan)

PA speaker(China)

Stereo system (Taiwan)







EM-508(RF COC)

EP-300&350 (Electromagnetic compatibility)


EP-300&350(Radio frequency devises)

EP-300&350(Radio Spectrum matters)




ET-118S ER-118S(FCC)



PA Speaker-1(Taiwan)

PA Speaker(CHINA)

PA Speaker(Taiwan)



PA speaker(Taiwan)

Handy PA speaker(Taiwan)

Wireless teaching speaker(Taiwan)