Sound Is All We Are About

It is always be our passion to deliver excellent sounds and high quality products to our customer. SENRUN dedicated to manufacturing microphones and portable PA to meet and exceed expectation. In order to make the sound perfectly, reliably and transparently, we devoted not only investing in high- technology but also ensuring quality in every step of the process.    

Designed and Made in Taiwan

All SENRUN teams concentrate on customer value until product quality
satisfies the company's quality policy and our customer needs. 
SENRUN has been certified by German TUV ISO-9001 in 1999.
We offer innovative product design and high quality manufacturing, also has standard operating procedure for customer satisfaction. Meanwhile, SENRUN obtains many products safety certifications and patent licenses from many countries.


Deliver Finest Sound Experience

For the past 34 years, SENRUN has been devoting aesthetic design and genuine sounds in our products and putting large amount of investment and resource into them as well in order to present the best products to our customer.

  • 2007

    - We proudly presented  a world leading innvoation, a light weight 35W power output Portable PA system with either lead-acid battery or lithium battery (optional). User can carry it with the use of strap or hand carry.

  • 2006

    -  Moved factory and company from Taichung County to Taichung City
    -  Development of infrared microphone systems series

  • 2005

    - Development of Infrared Wireless Microphones /Reciever series.

  • 2004

    - Launched  Digital Recorder/Player  for professional use and are covered by patents.  

  • 2003

    - We proudly presented  a world leading innvoation, UHF PLL synthesizer controlled wireless microphone system (could use 8 UHF microphones at the same time through one receiver).

  • 2002

    - Development of  the UHF PLL synthesizer controlled wireless microphone system 

  • 2001

    - Launched rugged and high power output Portable PA system   

  • 1999

    - SENRUN factory achieved an Germany TUV ISO-9001 certificate. 

  • 1995

    - We invested large amount resource on Wireless Portable PA systems, Wireless Tour Guide Systems and Wireless Microphone System. 

  • 1992

    - ECEN Electronic Co. Ltd. is formed.

  • 1989

    - Development of Wireless Speaker with radio frequency (RF), infrared and FM transmitter.

  • 1986

    - Completed development of sound system and entern into production.