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China,Hong Kong, Macau

Sunrise Trading Co.

電話 +852 24272191



Cosmotech Philippines, INC.

電話 403-9811 #20



The Knowledge Group (M) Sdn Bhd

電話 +6016 - 2104248


Customized Service
We can offer customized service and support for our network of partners because we know that it is crucial to adapt the local market to succeed. 

Indirect Sales
We sell our products through the network of our partners. Hence, once there is an enquiry from the end of user in an established distributor's territory, we forward it directly to the region distributor. 

Sales/Marketing/Tech Supports
We are here to help you sell our products easier. We provide marketing materials and tech to let you sell our product more effectively against the competition.  Also, we provide training sessions to allow you understand our products even better.