Tour Guide Systems 96 series User Review

We are in the forging industry. When a group of visitor comes to our company to have a factory tour, it is very hard for them  to listen properly for the product introduction in our factory when there are many machines run in the factory and it got extreme noisy background. Hence, we usually just briefly tour the factory to them, which the customer cannot really understand much of our product value and company.

After we using SENRUN tour guide systems 96 series, it actually sort out our problem. Now, we could take our customer tour around the factory with clear and much understandable product introduction, which the customer perceive more about the product value we try to provide to them. I would recommend this model to you because it is lightweight, convenient to carry around, user-friendly operation, clear sound and good signal. Also, you can read from the monitor to know battery life, signal strength and the channel you are on.

                                Jack Heish (this review has been translated from mandarin )