Portable PA Systems

When it comes to choosing the suitable and right portable PA system, what features in the system and how crowded is going to be in venue are the key considerations. Scroll down to find the best portable PA system for you!

Infrared Portable PA System 35W


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Portable PA Systems


Choose a model: 

A                                       USB


Accessorize :

W-28                               BG- 280                                
Wall-mounted                 Storage Bag                             


IR-12S                                 RC-11​
Infrared Receiver Sensors    Microphone charger 

Power output 35W
Frequency 2-3MHz
Receiver type Single Channel receiver
Modulation FM
Frequency response 50Hz-15Kz
Maximum deviation 2KHz
Power supply AC 90~264V/ DC 18V/2.3Aery.
Dimensions( W x H x D ) 150 x 205 x 160mm
Weight 1.7 kg

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