What is Tour Guide Systems?

Have you ever encountered a situation where the group is in a high noisy environment and your audience had hard time to understand clearly on what you said even if you had scream your head off?
Tour Guide Systems, can be an ideal solution for you! With the systems, you no longer have to yell to seek your audience’s attention and also are able to gain the better communication between you and your audience. Furthermore, it can be operating without any previous knowledge or experience. In the following paragraph, we will guide you what applied field can use Tour Guide Systems for it.
Where to use?
Plant Tour
Plants are noisy. Your audience still got hard time to understand every word you said even using speaker. With SENRUN Tour Guide Systems, your audience can clear hear what you said no matter how noisy the background is.   
Museum Tour
Quiet environments like museum is forbidden to make a great noise. Museum tour could lead to headache since with normal vocal volume, the audience cannot gear you properly and when tour guide increase the volume of his/her speaking voice, it could disturb other visitors that want to enjoy art quietly. Using SENRUN Tour Guide Systems, presenter can talk in normal vocal volume or even lower vocal volume. Yet, the audience can hear you clearly without interrupting other visitors.
International Conference
In the international conference, audience might not speak the same language as the presenter, so the conference will provide different language translator and interpret to different language through Tour Guide Systems. The interpreters will listen closely and translate what presenter talked directly through transmitter (microphone). The audience can listen different language interpretation through receiver(headphone) by changing the channel to the language he/she wants to listen.
For SENRUN 616 series, it is used for foreign journalist in Korean President New Year Press Conference 2018.
Tour Guide Systems

What you get with our Tour Guide Systems Solution?
  • Durable product
  • Clear and crystal sound quality
  • Provide a better communication between presenter and audience
  • Easy to operation without prior knowledge or experience
  • No interference
  • Small size and lightweight
  • Easy carrying
  • Suitable to outdoor or indoor
SENRUN 96 series is another model we recommend. User can know the battery life through the display on the device. Also, since it got AUX IN(transmitter)/ AUX out(receiver), user can transmit the audio or record at better sound quality through the device.
Tour Guide Systems
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