Buyer Guide- How to Choose the Right Portable PA System ?


Are you thinking about buying a new  Portable PA system but having no clue how to make your choice when there are literally so many different types of  Portable PA system in the market? How are you so sure what you’re buying is the right one for you? Don’t panic because WE HEARD YOU! In this article, we are going to help you make the right purchasing decision and make your music/speech sound its best with these right PA system by walking through few information.

Purpose/Area coverage and audience size
People usually use  Portable PA system to amplify their voice or music because they want the audience to hear their speaking/music clearly. Hence, you will need to consider where you would like to apply to as well as estimate area coverage and audience size before buying a  Portable PA system.
Bigger size of event and audience require higher level of output power and vice versa, yet, it is usually better to overestimated instead of underestimate as you can simply just turn up the volume.  Also, additional speaker could increase in area of coverage.


Application 1: Gigs

Our EP-980 model is high-power  Portable PA system with fashion inspire design and simplicity look. It has a built in 10”neodymium woofer and 1.5” titanium compression driver, which has higher sound quality with 250W output power. It is suitable for people who are holding an music event that fit in medium to large crowd  (approx 2000 people). Everywhere could be your stage!


Application 2: Exhibition

For much small-mid size event like exhibition, conference, church (Approx. 250 people) events, our lightweight  Portable PA system EP-280 model will be satisfy your needs. With its highly efficient 35W, audience could hear the presenter’s voice clearly across space. Also, this machine is not only for wall-mount but user could use it with shoulder stripe to carry around.


Application 3: Classroom

EP-400 model is perfect for the classroom that does not have much sufficient space to put a  Portable PA system. It built with 35W + 35W Class D stereo amplifier and it is compatible with projector.  Teacher, No more raising the voice anymore and no need an extra  Portable PA for projector to output the sound! EP- 400 will do all the work!


Application 4: Assembly Hall

EP-810 model (120W output power) has a built in 10"woofer and 1"tweeter driver with 2 way speaker to provide a high quality sound effect. The clear sound, stylish look and convenience in moving is the best choice for professionals in use. It could continuously be last for 9 hours but it’s based on the volume. This model is also commonly used for outdoor activities, community meeting, business presentation, exhibition, product promote,political rally, etc,.  


Application 5: Fitness Group

EP-350R is best choice for smaller group exercise. The model only takes 4.5 hours to reach its full charge capacity or you could simply replace the battery with another fully charge lithium battery. Moreover, it is lightweight but could deliver high quality sound. So, if you have to run around to multiple locations to teach, this units is the right one for you!

Mobility or Stationary?

Besides the size of audience and event area coverage, you should consider how portable your  Portable PA system need to be.

Take Senrun’s  Portable PA product range as an example, our large  Portable PA system is designed to come with two wheels and extendable handle to transport easily except EP-600(trolley is optional). For lightweight Portable PA is super easy to move around and even a girl can easily pick up and carry.

However, if you would like to staion your  Portable PA system in certain place, we also got speaker stand ST-3B for large PA and ST-30 for lightweight  Portable PA, which both could support the weight up to 50 kgs[110 lbs].



You will need to think about what are The feature are you looking for and could satisfy your need. For example, would you like to have Bluetooth,USB device, CD player. Also, how many mics would you like to match with your  Portable PA system? These are essential question to think about.

Mostly of our  Portable PA we designed to built with power saving design, smart 3-segment battery meter for accurate battery level and charging status,voice priority mode, infrared remote control, digital echo and bass and treble adjustment. For our  Portable PA’s features like bluetooth, USB device, CD player, alarm and recording and so on,it could applied to most of models. It is up to you!

With all these considerations discussed in the article, we hope it gives you an insight how to pick the suitable Portable PA System for yourself. If you are still having trouble to select your  Portable PA system project, please feel free to drop us an email, we are happy to help you sort it out.