Portable PA Systems

When it comes to choosing the suitable and right portable PA system, what features in the system and how crowded is going to be in venue are the key considerations. Scroll down to find the best portable PA system for you!

Wireless Portable PA System150W(Max),110W(RMS) (Approx. 1500 People)


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Portable PA Systems


The newly-updated EP-890 with Digital signal processing (DSP) has proven to redefine what premium sound in an all-in-one PA system can be. DSP has modified the system to make it sound incredibly better compared to the old model we had. In this model, it is even more user-friendly. Only one knob on the function panel and it has replaced all knobs. Also, it can control all function like volume, EQ and so on. Another attractive feature for this model is user can control all the function with mobile phone.

This PA system includes a Class D-BI Amp and built in 2 amplifiers, which allows more than enough power to have the ability to serve small-to-medium sized events like parties, meetings, lectures, and pub gigs.

The EP-890 features an 8”woofer and a 1”horn driven by a highly-efficient150W(max). In addition it offers such features as built in Bluetooth streaming, a convenient carry handle for easy transport and the ability to run off an internal for up to 8hours. So, what are you waiting for?

Choose a model 

Choose the transimitters (up to 4 peices) 

UPL-83                              UH-816
Bodypack transmitter        Handheld wireless microphone


Choose the microphone type (if you choose UPL-83 as transimitter) :

EM-303                             HM-55                                                         
Headworn microphone     Headworn microphone                      

BM-306                           HM-22
Lapel microphone             Headworn microphone


A brief look at EP-890

  • Class D-BI amplifiers​
  • Power saving design
  • Built in Bluetooth
  • LINE IN (3.5Ø & RCA ) (-17db)
  • External horn jack (6.3Ø x 1)
  • External woofer jack (6.3Ø x 1)
  • DC5V charging jack (USB x 1 )
  • Digital echo
  • Automatic battery charging design for 4 pcs/1.2V rechargeable batteries
  • Using device while charging
  • A smart 4-segment battery meter for accurate battery level and charging status
  • Color available : Black
Output Power 50W Horn +100W(RMS) Woofer
Frequency Response 50~20khz
Distortion <0.1%@1khz
Input Type 2x XLR/6.3mm TRS combo 1x3.5mm TRS
Input Impedance XLR -9 dBu(MAX) / 6.03mmTRS +15 dBu
(MAX) / 3.5mmTRS +10dBu(MAX)
Output Type 1*XLR 1*3.5mm TRS
Onput Impedance XLR -9 dBu(MAX) TRS+10dBu(MAX)
DSP Audio Optmization POP,ROCK.Vocal,Class,Normal
Bass -10 dB to +10 dB @ 80 Hz
Mind -10 dB to +10 dB @ 2 kHz
Treble -10 dB to +10 dB @ 12 kHz
Built in Rechargeable Battery 12V / 5Ah*2 (Lead-acid Battery) or 29.1V / 5Ah ( lithum battery )
AC power Voltage 100~240 50/60Hz
Dimensions( W x H x D ) 270x400x240mm
Weight (approx.) 10.7kg(battery weight 3.77 kg)


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