Portable PA Systems

When it comes to choosing the suitable and right portable PA system, what features in the system and how crowded is going to be in venue are the key considerations. Scroll down to find the best portable PA system for you!

Wireless Portable PA System100W(Max),70W(RMS)  (Approx. 600 People)


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Portable PA Systems


Summary :
An 8” high efficiency full range speaker compact with 100W(Max),70W(RMS) output, provides clear sound even at outdoors. EP-2001G produced with strong materials makes it water resistant, anti-pressure and resistant to wear and tear. It is perfect for large crowd. The trolley can be extended and removed. Because of this, it is easily portable. An optional tripod stand is available. (approx. 600 people)

Choose a model 

DM5A                                    DM6A                            
Digital Audio CD player                          Digital Audio CD player

DAR-15                                DAR-10                          
Digital Audio Recorder  bluetooth         Digital Audio Recorder 

Choose a bluetooth

A                                      Bluetooth
None                                 Bluetooth



Choose the transimitters (up to 4 peices) :

UPL-83                              UH-816
Bodypack transmitter        Handheld wireless microphone


Choose the microphone type (if you choose UPL-83 as transimitter) :

EM-303                             HM-55                                 
Headworn microphone     Headworn microphone       

BM-306                          HM-22
Lapel microphone           Headworn microphone

 Accessorize :

ST-3B                                 BG-01
Tripod stand                      Storage Bag

A brief look at EP-2001G:
  • 4 Ω/8” full range
  • Class D amplifiers
  • Up to 4 true diversity UHF 16 frequency receivers(optional)
  • Power saving design
  • A smart 4-segment battery meter for accurate battery level and charging status
  • Simultaneous battery charging and discharging
  • External trolley (Optional)

Speaker 4 Ω/8" full range
Output powe 100W(Max),70W(RMS) (Class D Amplifier)
Receiver Module UHP PLL Non-Diversity receiver module
( Up to 4 pcs optional receiver)
16 selectable  channel 
LED signal display 
Frequency range UHF 600-960 MHz
Frequency response 70Hz ~ 22kHz (±3dB)
T.H.D <1%
Charge time 6-8 hours
Battery life 9 hours (depends on volume)
Power supply AC: 100-240V AC switching power supply
Battery: 12V/5Ah (2pcs) Lead acid battery
Dimensions( W x H x D ) 330 x 400 x 240mm
Weight (approx.) 14 kg (battery weight 3.77 kg)

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