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Practice of Senrun EP-350 in LineaOrganica grant opening event

LineaOrganica grand opening in Ayala Vertis North, Philippine using SE...


Practice of Senrun EP-868

Spot Luzhou District Office using SENRUN EP-868 for election worker or...


Practice of Senrun UH-816

#TBT when China government used SENRUN product (source: Google)


SENRUN LINE Account Officially Online

Add our official account on LINE for the latest information and contac...


Pratice of Senrun EP-400G in National Yuanlin ChungShih Industrial High School

Implented Senrun EP-400G school teaching solutions in National Yuanlin...


Practice of Senrun EP-580 in Ford Motor Taichung Chiuo Ho Branch

Ford Motor Chiuo Ho Branch used our model EP-580, lightweight wireles...


Practice of Senrun EP-580 at outdoor

Featuring our model EP-580, lightweight wireless portable PA system at...


Practice of Senrun UT/UR-616

In Korean President New Year Press Conference 2018, our UT/UR 616 seri...


Integrated Systems Europe | ISE 2019

SENRUN will participate the 2019 Integrated Systems Europe and we wo...


Buyer Guide- How to Choose the Right PA System ?

Are you thinking about buying a new PA system but having no clue how t...


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Integrated Systems Europe | ISE 2018

SENRUN will participate the 2018 Integrated Systems Europe and we wo...


Sound Is What We Are All About

It is always be our passion to deliver excellent sounds and high quality products to our customer. SENRUN dedicated to manufacturing microphones and amplifiers to meet and exceed expectation. In order to make the sound perfectly, reliably and transparently, we devoted not only investing in high- technology but also ensuring quality in every step of the process.